Hoxton Bar & Kitchen: Catalogue & Vending Codes

Alex Chilvers
‘Piggy in the Middle’ – £20

Vending code: a0

After studying illustration at Middlesex University, he completed the Drawing Year at The Prince’s Drawing School in 2013, resulting in a residency at Dumfries House (Ayrshire) in 2014. Drawing is an integral part of his practice and he draws from observation and imagination. His subjects derive from his immediate surroundings which are then developed into paintings, images and animations.

Alex Party
'This is England’ – £25

Vending code: a1

Too old to care. Artist/curator.

Andrew Gillman
‘Get Scrubbin’ - £20

Vending code: a2

Andrew Gillman is a photographer and filmmaker from South London. Garfield putting in overtime at Lots Road Power Station in Chelsea. Built in 1905 to power the District Line.

Anna Laurini
‘Not for Love’ SERIES – £50

Vending code: a3

“NOT FOR LOVE” is Anna’s latest chromatic provocation. A refused love that ironically penetrates all her work, a love that in its absence becomes the leitmotiv of her artistic proposal. Sought, and, we believe, found but refused in its stereotypical forms. Bright colours and contrasts are the ideal background of her reflections, as if thoughts and especially emotions translated into superimpositions while her word and feelings meet the light of her brush strokes, which are sometimes nervous and sometimes full of a love that was found, refused and always sought.

Anna vibrant expressionist style has been very much a result of her experience of living and working as an artist in the heart of the world most stimulating metropolis as London and New York.


Archie Proudfoot
‘Studio Collage’ – £20
Vending code: a4

Archie Proudfoot is an artist and sign painter whose work utilizes the techniques and the aesthetics of traditional signage to explore our relationship with language. Having graduating from studying a degree in English Literature Archie went in search of work that would satisfy a dormant sense of craftsmanship. After discovering the artistry of sign painting he found a skill that could be honed over a lifetime of work. He now splits his time between creating bespoke signage for businesses across London and creating his own personal pieces.

The opulent technique of reverse-glass gilding has come to dominate. Archie often chooses to isolate and reify a single word or phrase in the grandeur of gold, examining our emotional response to it, as well as the geometry and physical interplay of the letterforms themselves.


Clark Keatley
‘National Treasures’ – £20
Vending code: a5

Clark Keatley
Selected Group Exhibitions

Paintings and objects selected by James Campion, The Kennington Residency, London 
Youth Club No.1, Youth Club, London
Propeller Foundry Open Studio, London
Rundgang ‘16, Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany  


Dan Jose – £20
Vending code: a6

Dan Jose is a the Californian ringleader for the #UNITY crew and a photographer who turns architectural and street photography into disorientating camouflage patterns, animations and surreal landscapes. Although he works in a variety of mediums (video, screen print, stop motion) all of his work is photographic based.

In 2013 He curated and produced UNiTY the Exhibtion, in Dalston. In 2015 he appeared as part of the Wu Tang is for the Children show at Londonewcastle Project Space. In the summer of 2015 he hosted his first solo exhibition of architectural collaged titled Razzle Dazzle.

‘Divided Kingdom’ – £20
Vending code: a7

He mixes bold linework with highly detailed patterns & tone to create graphic, eye-catching compositions. Hatch’s work features a variety of characters and iconography dug up from his imagination and discovered in his surroundings.

His past clients include Topman, House of Holland, Honest Brew, House of Vans, Ineffable Records, and the London Graphic Centre.

Hatch is also the winner of the 2016 Secret Walls x London league.


Iwan Prokhorov – £20
Vending code: a8

Eewan grew up on outskirts of Moscow, Russia. He focuses on two mediums for his storytelling - photography and illustrations.

Whilst painting, he has encountered many different people, ranging from graffiti writers to “left of centre” designers. Eewan believes he is now at the stage where it is time to tell you all that he knows.


Elina Solomonov
‘Identity’ – £20
Vending code: a9

Munich based artist, Elina studied at UAL where she explored identity through film and collage. Elina has previously exhibited at “Alles für die Kunst” at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, and was a special guest at IFA 2013 Berlin

Appearing at the SAMSUNG stage, creating artwork with the new Samsung S Note.

James Robert Brown – £20
Vending code: B0

Transitioning from a long experimental photography and film background, James specialises in the 360 imaging medium. He shoots various campaigns for distinguished brands under the wing of “Happy Finish.” With a consistent two years of virtual reality experience varying from directing, shooting and overseeing complex VFX production, image making is still at the core of his practice, utilising new image sciences to create pieces of artistic merit.

Jamie Teasdale
‘Beast Extract’ – £20
Vending code: B1

Jamie enjoys good times over bad, summer over winter, cats over dogs and Marmite over toast.

‘Different Together’ – £30
Vending code: B2

Taking a swipe at 2016, artist Crok’s motley group of characters come together at
the ‘job centre plus’. As all needs must, there are points of society where we all come together, the job centre often being an uncomfortable one…

The atmosphere of a job centre is decidedly tense, people that rely on their services
are understandably stressed out by their personal situations. Every one different, but
all in it together.

Identity is stressed. Work experience and personality reviewed, evaluated and social status filed…


Laurène Boglio
‘Stronger Together’ – £25
Vending code: B4


Loi Xuan Ly – £25
Vending code: B5

Loi is a designer, photographer, dancer, and artist based in East London. Loi uses creative personal projects to explore different mediums and create his work. His love of movement is at the centre of his work with his cycling series an exploration of his commutes through various cities. His 10 original works for the vending machine explore this idea of movement through torn primary tissue collage.


Mark Bellamy – £20
Vending code: B6

Mark is a graphic artist and illustrator. Elastico Chop.


'Tea' – £25
Vending code: B7

Tea. As good a symbol for British national identity as any, and yet it’s not even “from here”. Gently caffeinated, brewed languidly on the side while we do the crossword - it’s everything its high powered, shrieking cousin coffee is not. We’ve fought wars over tea, launched political movements, imported it cheerfully from overseas for centuries. When the going gets tough “putting the kettle on” is the national response.

In this playful piece, London artist Dosa explores our national identity through the medium of our national drink. Can the stoic, sensible teapot be a symbol for “us” as opposed to “them”? And if so, what’s happened to its gentle, sociable nature in the current public mood? In our fervour to defend our values above all else, have we let go of the values themselves?


Na-eem Hoosain
‘Tik Monster’ – £20
Vending code: B8

Na-eem is a British - Cape Malaysian from Cape Town, South Africa and his work is an expression of all his heritage as well as a driving desire for visual perfection in every image he creates. His work is a slow process that he likes to feel attached to as much as possible, an extension of himself and his ethnic and cultural community.


Nick Barrett
‘Post-protest 2017’ – £20
Vending code: B9

Nick Barrett is an artist currently undertaking the alternative post-graduate art course School of the Damned. Working across a variety of mediums, his current practice is concerned with themes that expose and question social and political systems.


‘You Will See Me’ – £35
Vending code: c0

Born in Poland and raised in the east end of London, PATATAJ is a pen on paper artist. After graduating from Brunel in 2015 with a degree in Industrial Design, PATATAJ chose to pursue the arts and has been exhibiting frequently since.

The style combines illustration and a fine art technique of stippling, which essentially creates works out of dots and lines.


Pete Cowdy
‘Mayan’ – £20
Vending code: c1

Many of his peers have become drug dealers, alcoholics or people without direction.
He has avoided this path, according to himself, “purely due to the fact that he painted
on walls”.


Rafael Farias
‘Brexit Meanz Breakfast’ – £20
Vending code: c2

Royal College of Art graduate working as a freelance graphic designer and casual music maker.

Sam Cotton – £20
Vending code: c3

Sam Cotton is one half of Award Winning Menswear Design Duo Agi & Sam. With vast experience in Fashion Design and Consultancy, Cotton also works on various projects as a Stylist and Creative Director. Cotton has worked with brands such as Lacoste, Converse, Jaeger, Topman, Evian, Boiler Room as well as winning awards such as GQ Men of the Year, British Fashion Award, International Woolmark Prize.


Sarangua – £20
Vending code: c4

Sarangua a Czech born Mongolian Brit focuses on female formation; financial, mental and body confidence. The playing card with a pin up girl element is designed for both male and female gazes. ‘Playing with the cards you have been dealt’ plays on how in Britain we have the freedom to discover, fight and invent our identities while embracing them how we want without oppression.


Simon Persaud – £20
Vending code: c5

Simon Persaud is a documentary photographer and DJ based in south London.

Originally from Edinburgh, Simon moved to London and has been capturing London, its people, and its nightlife on 35mm ever since.


Takeru Brady – £20
Vending code: c6


TYPE – £30
Vending code: c7


Vanessa Page
‘Some of the Fire’ – £20
Vending code: c8

I began to work as a collaborative artist when I studied a fine art BA. Since then I’ve worked in art groups, developed a solo art practice and studied a masters at Chelsea College. My solo work is predominantly drawing or painting, but I make film, audio and performance art, especially in groups I collaborate in. Since 2006 I’ve been a long term member of art group AAS and continue to work with the collective Plastique Fantastique.

I’m interested in perception, alternate realities and myth, in both my collaborative and solo practice.

The outcome is usually surreal and vaguely comical, created by steams of consciousness, automatic drawing and paranoid critical thinking.


Wright & Vandame
‘Venus De Lilo’ – £20
Vending code: c9

Josh Wright (b.1993, High Wycombe) is a British visual artist and photographer living and working in London. His practice explores the body and its representations in new media. He is best known for his project, “A Portrait of the Artist by a Young Man” (2011-2014), comprising of one hundred photographs of one hundred of the most influential and significant emerging and established British artists of our time.

Guillaume Vandame (b. 1991, New York) is a French-American conceptual artist, writer and curator living and working in London and New Jersey. His background is based in museum education and he has lectured on contemporary art in a variety of public institutions. His practice is primarily interested in subject-object-place relationships, revising the canon of modern art, and investigating issues of truth and reality in popular culture.


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