Joe Holbrook - Cocaine Study


Joe Holbrook A4 print


Joe Holbrook is a self taught painter from Kent, who has spent the past 5 years living and working abroad as an artist. Through his work Holbrook reflects on certain characters, attitudes, through there immediate surroundings and social life. He feels it necessity and dutiful of the artist to document and translate the generation from which they come from, capturing and telling the story as they see and experience it.


With a laid back approach to subjects and activities that are often frowned upon, Holbrook is not shy in creating a piece that audiences may not see beauty in. His work is much deeper than just an image portraying contrasting and hypercritical personality’s; it is not meant to be understood instantly.


You cannot always see beauty so easily in something you see for the first time (or even something you see every day), once this thing could have been viewed as incredible, but the feeling erodes over time - life moves and things are forgotten, they become mundane. The extraordinary becomes ordinary. But there is the one day this familiar thing is seen from a different angle and this passion is rekindled. This can also be applied to life - things that have become so routine they are boring are suddenly lit up when you take a different view.

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